About us

“The truly local supplier, with a global footprint”

What we do…

From basic swing tickets to multi-language care labelling. Our aim is to match the needs of our client in regards cost of branding, speed required and quality of product. Quite often the cost of the garment needs to be mirrored by the cost of the branding, customer perception of that item is key in regards to the buying decision. We are keen to support you in selling more of your product and will offer options and ideas to help enhance your brand. For any branded labelling, trims or packaging then please get in touch.

How we do it....

Set up with manufacturing sites across the globe, we invest in the best technologies to deliver various products in relation to garment and accessory branding. With local pricing but a global service, Impressions have developed an impressive client base.

Offset Products

Often the carrier of important information, normally the first approach by the consumer to match up the cost of the garment/accessory by the value they have perceived it to be. It is important to get this ticket right, in balance with the value of goods or to match the perception of your brand. Impressions can take your brief and deliver it globally, important decisions will include board material, number of colours, finish, thickness, and eyelet and stringing… we are here to help and guide you.


Quite often a visible part of the branding that forms part of the consumer’s perception of the product/brand. Available in many yarn colours across different qualities. Do you need broadloom damask or needleloom satin, endfolded or mitre, how about a sonic cut for soft edges? Is the logo too small for a woven label, shall we print a fabric version, how about a silicone print. The options are numerous, however on understanding of your needs we can begin to support and guide you to the best option.


Ok so you have to have this (it’s legislated), it’s a requirement but quite often the problem is how big, how much information, how many languages, do I need additional coding, maybe a barcode? An important factor is, how can we make it easy for your supply base to order, do we need to set an SLA to meet the demanding needs of increased buying patterns. Impressions can work with you to understand how this label is manufactured and ordered. We currently work with some retailers who send us order data in advance that we make available to the factory. Alternatively we can help set up simple ordering templates. Talk to us and we can advise on the best way to get these labels correct and on time.


We manufacture flexible materials such as polybags, plain or printed, in Polypropylene or Polyethylene across different grades. Additional finishing such as grip locks, zippers, and hangers can be added during production. Gift Bags or Promotional bags are available across a whole host of materials such as papers and fabrics, with the ability to enhance using many different methods. Share with us your brief and we can help guide you


Branded packaging for product presentation or gift packaging. From something simple like a Jewellery Card or Sock Rider to high quality Gift Packaging, we can support your brand across various finishes and materials to ensure that the product is presented or packaged in the most effective manner.

Garment Accessories

Trends and fashions can often lead to additional enhancement of a product to increase sales. This could be in the form of branded zip pulls, detailed badges, plaques, leather patches, heat transfers etc. Or you may wish to add a promotional item, like a key ring or pin badge. There are too many qualities to mention but if it’s branded and you have a need for it on your product, then let us know and we can help you to get this right.

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